Collecting Vintage Hankies

Collecting and Keeping Vintage Hankies Vintage hankies are not just for storage anymore. You can show off these beautiful small square and round pieces of elegance from days of yesteryear. Many of us love and admire these little cherished treasures of the past. They are affordable and beautiful and come in a variety of fabrics including cotton, organza, Marghab, Madeira, and silk just to name a few. Some of these vintage hankies are hand embroidered, crocheted, trimmed in beautiful laces, include applique, passed on from generation to generation and just are some very nice detailed fancywork! That makes them perfect to use in different and special ways around the house or as gifts. Whichever handkerchief that you fall in love with, you don't just have to put them away never to see them again. There are a number of projects you can use vintage hankies for to show them off!

For Home Decor
A charming look can be easily obtained by displaying hankies diagonally on a shelf so that the corners are hanging over the edge while something precious sits on top. It is a great look if you are displaying something ornate or antique. Either plain white hankies or even those with some delicate lace details add a super look to a bookcase when you have vintage books to go along with them. Hankies can be framed for pictures and preserved yet still available for viewing in a home. I have even heard curtains and valances have been created by vintage hankies! There are a number of ways to decorate a home with the elegance and beauty of these charming hankies of yesterday to give any room a soft feel of bygone days. You can place hankies under glass tables for display around the room. You can also make elegant little sachets filled with your favorite scents to add to a room. You can even use them to make and wrap special gifts with.

If you are a person who enjoys sewing you can piece together hankies of the same color or patterns to make a curtain or a tablecloth used for special occasions. Vintage hankies can also be sewn together to make some beautiful quilts for gifts or hanging on the wall. If you are particularly handy you can even sew a few hankies onto a collar of a jack or the bottom of a little girl's pair of pants to give the clothes a little extra flair. As a pillow cover, vintage hankies make an excellent choice when making decorative pillows for your couch or bed. There is no limit to what vintage hankies can be sewn into to make a shabby yet chic statement.

For Bridal Gifts
Vintage hankies make great bridal gifts for the bridal party. By simply wrapping the hankie around the bouquet you will give a treasured and classic look to the flowers. Wrapping the smaller gifts of the bridal party is also a way to make a special statement, especially if the hankies are monogrammed in the initials of the bridesmaids.

For The Kitchen
You can use vintage hankies for fancy napkins and place mats. Some hankies make beautiful and elegant dinner decor for those special occasions.

Collecting For Keepsakes
Vintage hankies are valued for their fine stitching hand and machine made. Some of them are valued for the embroidery, and applique designs, as well as the type of material used. Condition and age is of a vintage hankie is a big factor as well. Some collectors collect only certain designs, or perhaps only holiday hankies. There are still people who collect these beautiful pieces for sentimental value. If your interested in showing off your wonderful little treasured hankie, perhaps you could find ways to display or make things from these cherished treasures to pass on to others.
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