Collecting Vintage Aprons

Apron Collecting Pick up any vintage apron in any venue a thrift shop, an old trunk your grandmother kept, or at a craft fair, and you will instantly realize that it is not just a garment to be worn to protect clothing while cooking. As you rub the material lightly through your fingers, do the meals that were lovingly prepared by the lady of the house come to mind? You have never met the woman, yet you feel a certain kinship to her as you touch a garment that was probably worn often.

No, it is much more than a mere piece of cloth that the cook wrapped around the precious Sunday best dress she wore while preparing meals after church on a fine Sunday afternoon. An apron worn in the past was far more than a cloth to wipe a glowing forehead while cooking a savory feast. It was a badge of honor.

Vintage Aprons for their Creation
There are many apron collectors who collect them because of the fine stitching that these old pieces exhibit. Sewing enthusiasts comb old collections looking for the perfectly patterned apron to exhibit in their displays. Those who do embroidering and detailing also appreciate the fine work that each piece boasts.

Vintage Aprons for their Beauty
More women today are discovering vintage aprons for the sheer beauty of them. They are little pieces of art in many cases. Women have found uses for their vintage apron collections that go beyond merely displaying them on a few pegs in their kitchen. Some ladies are opting to make curtains, swags and cozies from their vintage aprons to add a real down home feel to their kitchens, baths, and pantries.

Utilizing Your Aprons
You will find a vast majority of your vintage apron collectors proudly declaring they wear the aprons they gather. They love to wear such brightly colored, handcrafted items that remind them perhaps of a loved one from their own childhood. Browsing for the ideal vintage apron to wear when you serve a special meal is a treat unto itself.

I am sure many of you remember holiday meals where your mother or your grandmother wore her prettiest apron (probably a gift from a loved one) and served the most scrumptious offerings a body could ask for. The whole meal was a gift that was presented to those lucky enough to attend, and once the cook, usually the last to sit at the table, took off her apron, it was time for everyone to dig in.

Collectors of aprons aren't just collecting historical garments worn by women of an era that has long passed. They are collecting the triumphs, the lives, and the loves that the women who wore these protective shields over their clothing lived and learned. With each vintage apron comes a story of a woman and a family and the life they lived that came through their kitchens. If you listen closely and put all your concentration into distinguishing what the last meal cooked in this apron was I bet you can smell the savory aromas if you squeeze your eyes tight and breathe deeply.

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